FPC ePay FPC ePay

Welcome to the FPC ePay Service

First Pacific Corporation (FPC) is a billing and payment processing company dedicated to dental professionals. Your dentist has chosen FPC to streamline the volume of paperwork now necessary to process statement and insurance billings. Part of FPC's service is to provide you with the ability to make your payments online.

With FPC ePay, you can make an online electronic payment through your checking or savings account. The following options are available:

You will be guided through a one-time setup process where you must enter your FPC account number. You will then register your e-mail address, create a password, and enter your banking information. Once you are enrolled, you can login anytime to make a payment.

One-Time Pay
Using this option requires you to enter your FPC account number and banking information each time you make a payment. This option will not store your personal banking information.